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Styling Lab
What is a Styling Lab?

It's a hair party! You and a group of your friends come to the salon for an evening of wine, light refreshments and some great hair education! The stylists that facilitates the lab will teach you about the science of hair and how to properly style it. Did we mention it's completely FREE? 

Who can attend?

So here's how it works: if you are an existing client, you will be the host for the lab.  Don't panic! It just means that you will work with your stylist to invite your personal network of friends and acquaintances to attend. All invitees must be new clients to the salon.


Awesome-sauce! We can't wait to hair party with you! Give us a call and our Guest Coordinator will answer all your questions and get your lab booked. Can't talk? No problem, fill out this contact form and we'll reach out to you asap!

Thanks! Message sent.

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