Is parking available?

Yes! 2 Options:

1. We validate parking for the Self Park Garage at 401 N. Wells St (Across the street from The Merchandise Mart). Cost is $16 for 24 hours.

2. Street/Metered parking is available for $4/hour on Kinzie, Wells and surrounding streets. 

*To all our Uber users: if you type the name of the salon in the search field, it will send you to our old location on Wabash Ave. We have tried numerous times to correct this with Uber, with no success. Please be aware that we are located on Kinzie St.

How do I book an appointment?

1. Call Salon

2. Use App

3. Book Online

1). The best way to book is to call the salon and book your appointment with our Guest Coordinator, who is best equipped to direct you and answer all of your questions.


2). We also have an app for iOS and Android devices available to download here or by clicking the "app" button at the bottom of the homepage.  From the app, you can book general services. Due to the complexity of scheduling, services that require processing or drying time cannot be booked online or on the app. For instance, color services require processing time, roller/rod sets require drying time. If the service you are looking for is not listed on the app or booking platform, please call the salon directly.

3). You can book online by using the "Book" tab in the menu at the top of each page, or by using the "Book" button under the "Connect With Us" section at the bottom of the homepage. 

What if I'm running late for my appointment?

We realize that unforeseen circumstances do arise, however, our goal is to respect everyone's time by remaining on schedule.  Therefore, our standard is to reschedule any client that is late by 15 minutes or more.  We encourage you to call ahead if you feel that you won't be able to make your appointment on time.

What is your cancellation policy?

As service professionals, it is of the utmost importance that we make the best use of time with our clients. We understand that cancelling is not always avoidable. It is important that you contact our Guest Coordinator to formally cancel your appointment as soon as you can.


-We ask for the courtesy of cancelling 24 hours prior to appointment. Cancelling within the 24 hour window will incur fee equal to 50% of booked service.

-Clients are allowed 3 cancellations within a calendar year. Following the second cancellation, clients will be asked to reserve future appointments with a credit card.  

-Failure to show up to a scheduled appointment is considered a "No Show." No-show appointments will incur fee of 50% of booked service.  Also, once there is a "no-show" on your record AND/OR upon your 4th cancellation within a calendar year, stylist has the right to refuse service. All appointments scheduled thereafter must be reserved with a credit card and will be subject to acceptance per your stylist's discretion.


We strongly encourage clients to be proactive regarding this policy.

Do you accept walk-ins?

New clients are always welcome! However, we strongly suggest making an appointment, as we cannot guarantee immediate availability, especially Thursday-Saturday, (generally our busier days).

Do you allow children?

The short answer? Yes, but under certain conditions. The Indigo Room is an upscale, relaxed, intimate space where we want everyone to feel at ease.  The presence of children, at times, can disrupt the overall client experience.   Therefore, children must be 1) 12 years of age or older, 2) receiving services, and the acceptance of children is subject to the approval of the service providers. If your child is receiving services and becomes disruptive, your stylist reserves the right to discontinue service.

210 W. Kinzie St.  2nd Floor  Chicago, IL 60654  312.636.1144   contact@theindigoroomsalon.com

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